About Us

Asthma Society of India - Kisaan Kisani Vikas Trust

Asthma Society of India - Kisaan Kisani Vikas Trust a registered non-profit based charitable organization Registeration No. 621. Society is serving as to emancipate menaces of asthma disease by natural & prevention methods in order to save quality of life of  acute and chronic asthma patients. Society is campaigning for better and safe prevention & control of Asthma calamity by propagating proper and aqua rate knowledge of Asthma & its hazards. The mandates of society activities is to literate, facilitate and manage the asthma patients about the emergence, prevention and control of  Asthma disease. Society is also communicating advertising and educational compaining with possible information about asthma eradication. From the very beginning, It is necessary to educate and entrain mother & child to keep save distance from symptomatic allergy and other associated respiratory troubles accountable fro development of Asthma.

From infants to small children and school students generally suffer from allergy and maximum of them gets converted to asthma. If at initial stage mothers and children are given education they can save themselves form asthma also those who have asthma can control the disease by using diet suggestion and natural medicines. Our objective is to tell them ways for preventing the diseases, educate them and help people suffering from asthma

Our Aim
To build awareness against Asthma.
To restore quality of life of Asthma patients.
To eradicate Asthma disorders from general mass.

Our Mission

To educate and encourage the people against Asthma and Allergic respiratory disorders.
To provide adequate health services for needy and helpless Asthma patients.
To conduct medicines and pathological tests related research approaches for effective and qualitative management of  Asthma disease.

Our Vision

To establish Charitable Asthma Clinics in every city having the population more than 10 lakhs.

A brief history of our work of last 10 years
1. Health
1.1 Research and development on cow urine therapy in accordance to modern science.
1.2 Free distribution of 100 litres of cow urine daily from last 10 years.
1.3 Training given to 35,000 Janswasthya rakshak of Health department Government of MP by order of Former  Chief Minister Shri. Digvijay Singh for Cow Urine Therapy.
1.4 Gave Training to more than 5000 social workers in MP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat etc.

2. Agriculture
2.1 Gave 50% subsidy to Farmers for sprinkler irrigation systems. The subsidy given was of over Rs. 1.58 crore benefiting thousands of farmers.
2.2 Distribution of 6 Lakh Krishi Panchang (Calender)
2.3 Publication of Ahimsak Kheti Magazine based on Javik Kheti (organic) 8 years.

3. Education
3.1 Organised Speech communication program and contest for over 3678 students from 100 schools with training of 700 judges for it.
3.2 Published books - Bolne Sunane Ki Kala and Sarwajanik Bhashan Kala.providing natural effective treatment at subsidised rates.