Asthma - Facts

Facts about Asthma Disease

According to Research based study, there is 25% population suffering from allergic respiratory trouble and also. 5% population is asthma patients world wide.

Symptomatically asthma begins with the hyper responsiveness of the main and allied respiratory tracts due to allergic effects of dust, cold, pollen grains, polluted air, heavy exercise, bad odour and so many other allergens consequently, all of sudden respiratory tube becomes inflamed irritating and narrowing conditionally, the patients gets heavy and trouble some breathing and bee wines unable to inhale and inhale air properly. Respiratory tubes secrets lucid phlegm &  mucous with narrowing and obstruction for respiration. Eventually patients shows the following asthmatic symptoms-

  • Episodic cough and tussive ness attack during midnight hours.
  • Whitsling sounds & slow respiration.
  • exacerbations of symptoms in contacts with dust,  odor cold weather, traffic etc.
  • Throat irritation and discomforts during water and food alteration
  • Asthmatic attacks also may be hereditary