Working Methdology

Scientific approaches and methods for betterment of Asthma patients

Society supports modern medical science for accurate technique for Asthma management with proper pathological investigation and research based medicine dispensing. For harmless, effective and long acting control of asthma, society appreciates long standing and unique traditional AYURVEDA therapy.

The exquisite perception of AYURVEDA explains that phlegm or KAPHA DOSA is mainly responsible for Asthma or TAMAK SWASA. The KAFA DOSA accumulates in the lungs and precipitates asthmatic symptoms. Hence AYURVEDIC herbal preparations used for asthma control and recorrects breathing, digestive, cardiac and nerving functions producing  exact relief and cure from Asthma. That’s why AYURVED is regarded an useful and harmless therapy for right way emancipation of Asthma disease.

Determinative criteria for Assessment of quality of life for Asthma Patients
During the treatment patient is comprehensively ascertained by experts on behalf of physical, mental and pathological conditions so that the procedure of medication can be carried out.
The basic assessment is done as following:
  1. To find out health parameter’s of patient e.g. excellent, very good, Fair of poor health.
  2. In comparison to last year, general health at present is, e.g. Much better, some what better, about the same, some what worse or much worse.
  3. To what extent, patient is capable to take on daily activities, e.g.-limited a lot, limited a little or not at all. May patient perform running, strenuous efforts, sports, object lifting, stair climbing, bending, kneeling, stooping, long walking or very weaker for such activities.
  4. Is patients health not allowing for his/her daily works/activities due to deterioration of normal lung capacity.
  5. Does the patient feel problem during daily activities due to emotional depression or anxiety.
  6. Factors of symptomatic exacerbations e.g. pains, emotions, lack of piece, Hypoxia  or cough have created any disturbances in daily activities.
  7. During intensive therapy, emergence of feelings and emotions for last one month shown are full of pep ness, Nervousness, dumping ness of feeling, calm and piece fullness of mind, energy feeling, depressiveness, happiness and tiredness feeling.

Orientations & Restoration  of  Health Prospective ness of  Quality of Life of Asthma Patients
For  betterment of health of different age groups and severity of asthma patients were taken for comprehensive management of asthma patient for 6 months durations. Treatment was done with required pathological tests. All the patients taken appropriate doses of medicines and yielding were progressive symptomatic relief. During the six months Asthma management campaigning, all 300 patients of different age groups and severity took part in regular camps visit. The ultimate outcome of treatment shown well improvement in quality of life with better relief and control during six months asthma management. Category wise results are given below:
Symptomatic and Pathological criteria
Duration of Campaigning for Asthma Management

1st Month
2nd Month
3rd Month
4th Month
5th Month
6th Month
Absent -
Absent - Absent - Absent - Absent -
Present+ Present+ Absent - Absent - Absent - Absent -
Present+ Absent - Absent - Absent - Absent - Absent -
Occassionally Absent - Absent - Absent - Absent -
Occassionally Occassionally Absent - Absent - Absent - Absent -
Present+ Present+ Absent - Absent - Absent - Absent -
Present+ Present+ Present+ Absent - Absent - Absent -
Occassionally Occassionally Absent - Absent - Absent - Absent -
Body Pain
Mild to Severe
Absent - Absent - Absent - Absent -
Mild to Severe Mild
Absent - Absent -
Frequency of Inhales
 8 B.I.D.
6 B.I.D. 4 B.I.D. 2 SOS
HS Stopped
5o to 56%
56% to 69%
69% to 75%
74% to 85%